Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

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Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

Pre Matrimonials Investigation Services :

A thorough investigation prior to an arranged alliance verifying the credentials of an individual which includes.

Family Background

Financial Status

Criminal Record of the candidate

Character of the Candidate

Job Profile

Family Reputation

Without knowing this background, marriage should not be final. But it is not so easy task to solve by the inexperience people. Investigation by inexperience people may create a huddle after marriage. So at first you have to select an experience Investigation agency. In Countrywide Detective Services, we investigate by the experience professional investigator.

Post Matrimonial Investigation Services :

The increasing tensions in married life has become the common phenomena and often led the in-matured brake-down in these relationships. We unearth the reasons of these tensions and convey the reasons in front of the spruce to understand a much clearer picture and enabling them rational decisions to avoid such abnormal situations. In this regards, we utilize various methods including discreet surveillance to get valuable evidences that they need & once we have received these evidences, we will co-ordinate with their legal representatives.

Missing Person Cases :

Extra Matrimonial Affairs :

Fingerprints Services :

Countrywide Detective Services provide Fingerprints Services for theft cases, murder cases, fraud case & more

Handwriting Verification Experts :

Countrywide Detective Services provide Handwriting Verification Services for bank frauds, property dispute,& any types of dispute related to handwriting.

Corporate Under Cover:

It is vital for all corporate sectors to find out any anti management activities happening or to be happen by which employer can plan well before. By this process our special corporate intelligence team provides in detail the inside negative activities of each and every employee

Pre/post Employment Verification:

For background check of the employee who are being considered for employment of all categories which helps the client in determining weather the said candidate is suitable or not. We also find out details of present and past employment of persons, whose cases are pending in Labour/Industrial courts, enabling companies in reducing their liabilities.

Asset Verification:

For recovery of dues and for eviction cases we verify the assets owned by an individuals & companies.

Infringement of Trademark, Patents & Copyrights & arrange for Raids:

Through market survey we identify and locate the spurious/duplicate products in markets and also locate the manufacturer and suppliers of the products and at last we arrange for Raids for the cases.

Credit worthiness & due diligence:

Verification of the partners or any individual or verification of the reputation of the company and its important factors. 


To keep a particular person under watch to monitor his movements, person meets, & detail activities by way of trailing, shadowing and watching.

Court Proofs:

Countrywide Detective Services is having excellent & experience professionals to assists in preparing for the court cases which could save corporate from a great losses.

Background Check:

To avoid any transaction which causes financial losses to the companies, it is necessary for detailed investigation on companies as well as individuals before doing any business deals with any unknown companies.

Insurance Claims:

We provide investigation services for General insurance & Life Insurance. We investigate motor theft, motor accident, death cases, third party cases, & etc. It is necessary for the Insurance companies to check unscrupulous persons from causing undue loss to companies by way of false claims.


De-Bugging of telephones and premises in cases of planted bugs.
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